The Originals

The first preset pack, the beginning of this little shop and always my go-to editing for client work.

The Originals are a wonderful mix of filmy edits, split toning, muted browns and a hint of grain.

Timeless, easy film edits

Streamlining your workflow and creating consistency throughout your portfolio no matter the lighting or setting.

The Originals concentrate on true  skin colours, warm tones, film inspired every day editing.


A full workflow of:

5 colour presets, 2 black and white presets 

6 colour profiles and 2 black & white profiles 

8 brushes that allow you to creatively control the look of your images from colour grading, to retouching.


All of these tools  have been designed to work with RAW files in Lightroom  (please update your lightroom  to the latest release for the best experience).