The Elements

This pack started as a mission to tackle pesky greens, and turned into a labour of love.  They have been tested and retested, added to and trialled so many times to give you the absolute best presets with this MO whilst keeping skin tones natural... Enjoy the cinematic atmosphere that these give your work.

Natural & Earthy

Keep it clean, natural and still cinematic. healthy greens, natural skin tones and punchy contrasts with a cooler undertone.


5 colour & 2 black and white presets.


Au- a golden wash.

Cu-contrasting curves and warm split tones.

Fe- warm atmospheres and cooler skin.

Hg- Cooler shadows and punchy edits.

Sn- brighter midtowns and warmer greens.

Mg- Warm, low contrast B&W

Pb- high contrast, dark and very moody B&W

Compatible with Lightroom Classic.

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