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Tackling Greens...

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

I should have really calling this 'Tackling Greens without desaturating the cr** out of the greens (and yellows)', because that's what we all do, right?

It isn't always necessary however. Those spring greens in particular can be so, SO hard to deal with, but do you know the real reason why so many photographers struggle with greens? The casts that they create.

Colours Casts

Colour casts are quite literally, a colour being cast across your image which has been reflected reflected by something. If you've ever tried working with someone wearing a brightly coloured top or standing in a very green environment then you will know this well.

Ideally we'd tackle the casts in camera, during the shoot but this isn't always that easy.

Shooting to Avoid Casts

  1. Advise your clients to stay away from bright colours (unless this is your thing, in which case we can tackle it another way), neutrals are wonderful for balancing the colours.

  2. Position them on the edge of the green so casts are minimal.

  3. Make use of natural reflectors (anything big, light coloured and neutral in colour- e.g. pavements, fences, walls and buildings) or use a reflector during your shoot should balance out the colours.

Editing Colour Casts

And now my favourite bit- editing them. It's actually quite easy in Lightroom, but

firstly check your white balance is correct.

Then just scroll down and use the ever so handy 'calibration' section and balance the cast using the sliders- skin tone can often be corrected with the blues. Using a brush (if needed) change the tint and temperature for an extra bit of correction (see video below).

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