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Session Ideas for Outdoor Photographers During Winter

After a long summer of bright sunlight and warm weather, the winter months bring shorter days, less natural light, cooler temperatures, and often rain. Though each season has its own obstacles for photographers to overcome, winter poses certain challenges that are unique to the time of year.

Whether you specialise in family photos or wedding photography, brainstorming new ideas can keep things fresh and interesting for new, prospective clients and your social media followers.

Here are some fun, creative photography ideas for winter photography.

Many of these ideas can be used across different types of shoots. Winter photography ideas like these make it easy to market your Christmas mini sessions for clients' holiday cards for example...

Winter photography ideas:

Under the stars: A sky full of stars is the perfect backdrop for photography. When photographing children or families, make sure to capture unique ways to include your subjects together. Luckily, at this time of year the sun sets so early that children won't be too tired.

Snow play: Snow makes for some great photography ideas. Snow ball fights, sledding and snow angels are all fun photography activities that work well with children of all ages.

Wind: Wind in hair is one of my favourites, it adds textures, movement, interest and depth. Make sure to capture the direction of the wind and the difference it makes- whether it is blowing hair back, or whipping it sideways.

Wrapped Up: Wrap Up your families/clients in blankets together or alone for a snug, beautiful winter portrait.

Hygge: Make some hot drinks, take some blankets outside and wrap up- styling in this Hygge way will guarantee some beautiful and cosy images.

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