Adobe Photoshop can be daunting at first, but trust me- it really isn't hard.  I've put together some very easy tools and overlays for you to help enhance you work along with instructions for how to use them.


Painterly Pop Action

A single Photoshop action to add a painterly pop to your images.

MK6F2380-Edit copy.jpg

Flares & Rays Overlays

Give your work a cinematic feel by adding a dynamic light source using these Photoshop overlays, just drag them onto your work, change the layer mode to 'screen' and then adjust the position.


20 overlays included.


Rainbow Overlays

Add interest, whimsy and stunning atmosphere to your images.  Just drag and drop onto your image in Photoshop.


Seasonal Bundles

Seasonal bundles of Lightroom presets and Photoshop actions/overlays to enhance your holiday images.


Snow Storm 
 Winter Bundle

Give your images a wintery makeover with these snow overlays and Touch of Frost Lightroom Brush


Lightroom Brush- 

- A Touch of Frost, lightly brush onto the ground and foliage to give it a frosty, cold feel.  (Tip:- build up slowly)

Photoshop Overlays-

- 3 snow background

- 5 snow midgrounds

- 2 snow foregrounds

- 3 snow flurry overlays (1 background and 2 mid ground) 

- 2 snow flurry combinations, ready made.

(For the overlays, simply drag on top of your image in Adobe Photoshop and change the blending mode to 'screen'.)

(Tip: if using a 'background' snow layer, mask and brush off the subject just for this layer).


Something Wicked Halloween Bundle

Have some fun this Halloween with 3 new dark and very moody presets (2 colour & 1 Black and White) and 7 Photoshop Overlays.


Lightroom Presets- 

Fester- Muted, warm and a little bit twisted

Rosemary- Satanically split toned and dark.

Herman- Ghostly soft yet contrasted.

Photoshop Overlays-

3 Fog Overlays

1 Spooky Glow

1 Wisps

2 Dust & Scratches